Terms and conditions for purchase in the online store

General Provisions:
Relations between the buyer and seller are subject to these terms and conditions, which are also binding on both parties.

Ordered goods:
We offer you the opportunity to purchase directly from your home, where you can shop nonstop. You can easily and conveniently using online store. We are committed to our customers we will only deliver goods in perfect condition and in accordance with specifications or features usual for the commodity. If the goods specified in his application, the customer declares that he is familiar with this information and that any other use of the goods shall take full responsibility. If the goods are to use for laboratory purposes, those goods are intended primarily for laboratory research. Unless the product label stated otherwise, the goods must not be used for any other purpose. The condition for the fulfillment of your electronic order completion of all required data specified in the order form. The order is also a sales agreement, when the purchase agreement is the delivery. The contract of sale of the e-shop requires formal confirmation by the seller - Recap order sent by mail.

Order Confirmation:
The order is accepted immediately and confirm your order is automatically sent to your email address. In case of doubt, we will contact you. Prices of goods in our shop are final, we are not subject  to VAT. Order Cancellation - buyer has the right to cancel an order without giving any reason within 12 hours of booking.

Transportation and Delivery:
Goods are shipped within 5 working days. We ship goods via the Czech Post. Method of payment for goods is by the means of Bank transfer or  PayPal. PayPal service - Anna Kowalska, Mexico. To the price for  goods is always added  the price for shipping and packing.

Returns and Warranties
Any complaints we will process an individual agreement with you and in accordance with applicable law. Under § 428 paragraph (1) of the Commercial Code, the buyer must claim the goods without undue delay after the defect was discovered. If there is provided warranty period, the complaint must be applied at this time. Warranty does not cover damage caused by natural disasters, overvoltage or undervoltage in building a network of violent mechnického damage or damage (fall). Seller accept any responsibility for damage caused by improper use of the goods, as well as damage caused by external influences, events, mishandling and contrary to the warnings on product labels. Claims will be processed within thirty days of its application with the seller. For cases not listed here apply appropriate provisions of § 409-470 and § 619-627, the seller and the buyer is bound by this complaint procedure.

How to claim:
Tell us about a complaint  by e-mail,  telephone, or in writing.
The defective goods send  to our address and indicate the reason for return and your address.
Your complaint will be filled as quickly as possible, within 30 days of its occurrence, thus accepting the goods.

Privacy Policy
The operator  represents and agrees that any personal data will not be provided by a third party. At the same time committed to the fact that the customer without giving a reason at any time the personal data deleted from its database. Buyer's personal data are confidential and not provided to any other parties.

The trade conditions
These terms and conditions are applicable to the issue of new conditions.