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3 x BLACK SALVE (25 G)
  • 3 x BLACK SALVE (25 G)

3 x BLACK SALVE (25 G)

90,91 €

Author of the black salve: A. Jones. For impregnation of new canvases.


Tento produkt byl naposledy zakoupen: 2023-10-02


Payment: by bank transfer, or Paypal


Shipping Fee: 10EUR including VAT

Use of the black salve For impregnation of new canvases – apply in thin layers on the canvas surface, and let it take effect. Remove after 24 hours, and rinse the canvas surface with lukewarm water. Try it first on a small piece of canvas in order to discover the colour shade. The black salve increases the colour retention and adhesion of oil paints. Product composition: Bloodroot, Galangal, Graviola, Chaparral, Zinc chloride, Glycerine, DMSO, Distilled water