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Herbal mix solution (100 ml)
  • Herbal mix solution (100 ml)

Herbal mix solution (100 ml)

78,51 €

Herbal solution for dilution of black oil paint.

Composition of product:

  • Graviola 10%, Galangal 10%, Chaparral 10%, Bloodroot 10%, DMSO 20%, purified water 40%.

Tento produkt byl naposledy přidán do košíku: 2018-11-09


Payment: by bank transfer, or Paypal


Shipping Fee: 10EUR including VAT

Instructions for use:

1. squeeze required quantity of oil paint from tube

2. drop herbal solution into the paint whilst stirring constantly until required consistency is attained (usually ratio – 5 drops of solution to 12 ml of oil paint)

3. first test on a small piece of canvas to determine resulting colour