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Herbal mix (100 g)
  • Herbal mix (100 g)

Herbal mix (100 g)


Herbal mix for increasing the constancy of black oil paint.

Product composition:

  • Graviola 25 g, Galangal 25 g, Capparel 25 g, Bloodroot 25 g, gelatine capsules

Last time this product was added to a cart: 07/18/2018


Payment: by bank transfer, or Paypal


Shipping Fee: 10EUR including VAT

Instructions for use:

Mix all four herbal components together. Stir thoroughly and add the enclosed capsules to the mix. The content of one capsule is sufficient for 1 tube of black paint with a content of 12 ml.

1. squeeze the paint out of the tube

2. open the capsule and pour the content into the paint

3. mix the herbs thoroughly with the paint

4. first test on a small piece of canvas to determine the resulting shade